Day 1

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Conference WelcomeSlide
Reaching the Missing Millions: A Visible Path for Women in STEMvideo
(PANEL) Equitable Tech: Diversifying the Future of Tech WorkforcevideoSlideLink
(ACM TOCE) Exploration of Intersectionality and Computer Science Demographics: Understanding the Historical Context of Shifts in ParticipationvideoSlideLink
(PANEL) Graduate Programs as Path to Re-entry in Emerging Tech Domain videoSlideLink
(ACM TOCE) Crossing the Bridge to STEM: Retaining Women Students in an Online CS Conversion ProgramvideoLink
(PANEL) EmTech Education and SkillsvideoSlideLink
(PANEL) Training the Trainers: Faculty Professional Development for Newer Programs in EmTechvideoSlideLink
(PANEL) Returning Mother’s Transition to EmTech Workforce: Challenges and StrategiesvideoLink
(TALK) Accenture’s Women In CloudvideoSlide
(TALK) Switching to Tech: Why and HowvideoSlideLink
(ACM TOCE) Arising of Informal Women’s Learn-to-Code Communities: Activity Systems as IncubatorsvideoSlideLink

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